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Established in 1989


Art Thesis

Love for Art’s Sake

When I was young I could barely draw a stick figure, but after years of training, myself and in school, I have finally find my style and voice through my pencils. I use that voice to showcase how light can be represented on paper in different medias.

Texas State University 2012
Media- Watercolor and sugar
With these drawings I pursued to capture the essence of comic book female villains. Villains are unique creatures; from their clothes to how they act. Ever wonder if their attire is connected to their personality and actions? Five women decided to escape everyday life and dress like the villains for fun, but then reality slipped away as they became the villains they were portraying. After all, you are what you wear.
Thank you to my lovely Villains; Angela M. Brown(Poison Ivy), Andrea L. Ball(Harley Quinn), Shea Lewis(Live Wire), Erin Kinkade(Cat Woman), and myself(Lizzie Borden).

Study of Light

Study of Color